Love ConvoLink and want a faster way to use the platform? Learn how you can create a desktop shortcut for ConvoLink! #ConvoTips⚡

Try ConvoLink now at

[TRANSCRIPT: Tired of opening the browser and typing out before you’re able to make calls? You can bookmark it, but there’s an even faster way. Just drag the ConvoLink URL to the desktop. One click, and you can make calls immediately. What are you waiting for? Use ConvoLink today!]

[VD: An Asian-American man is wearing a dark gray Convo shirt. The background is beige. The next animation shows a close-up of a new window tab. It then shows a demonstration of “” being typed. It then zooms out to show the entire webpage of ConvoLink. 

The process:
Click on the URL so that the URL is now highlighted.
Drag the URL outside of the window and to your desktop.
Drop the URL there. It will automatically make a desktop icon itself.
Click on the icon to ensure it goes to the ConvoLink page.
If it works, then you’re done!

A black card with is present. A green Convo logo follows after.]

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