Learn from our awesome Jr. NAD Pages and why they joined the Jr. NAD Pages program at the #NAD2022!

The Jr. NAD Pages program is geared towards deaf and CODA teens between 12 and 17 years old and interested in the inner workings and strategies of the NAD Conference.

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[VIDEO DESCRIPTION AND TRANSCRIPT: Laine stands in the middle of all Jr. NAD Pages. Everyone is wearing a Jr. NAD t-shirt.

LAINE: Why did we join the Jr. NAD Pages program?

Everyone asks each other why.

DOMENICO: My dad convinced me to join. I wasn’t sure if I would be overwhelmed or stressed. I decided to try and join because I knew this opportunity would benefit me in the future.

LEILANI: I joined for the experience.

LAINE: I joined because I love leadership opportunities.

ROBERT: To meet people and learn from them

TIAN: New experience

HENRY: Professional development

IVABELLA: Develop new friendships

ZARITA: With COVID-19, I stayed home with limited leadership opportunities. Now, I feel enriched. I am a Latina myself, I established a BIPOC organization at my school. NAD gives me the resources and tools so I can invest in the BIPOC communities at my school.

All Jr. NAD Pages cheer.]

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