Convo will be at DeafNation today! Come by our booth to say hi and learn more about Convo. 😎

Want a free ticket to our happy hour event? Watch a special message from our product marketing manager, Jack Busenbark to find out how you can score a ticket. 🎟️ We can’t wait to meet you all!

[VD: A white man is wearing a black shirt with a rainbow-colored gradient Convo logo. The background is dull beige. There’s a DeafNation World Expo poster — a bright red hand signing “1” in a blue background. The message: DeafNation World Expo 2022. In the end, there is a message: “Come visit us at our booth!” Green background with a white Convo logo follows.]

[TRANSCRIPT: Guess what! We’ll be at the DeafNation World Expo this Monday. Come stop by our booth, we’ll have games and fun events. Also, we’ll host happy hour on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. How do you get in? We’ll be giving tickets to the first 100 visitors to our booth on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. That’s 100 tickets each day to attend happy hour on Wednesday or Thursday afternoon. Come check out our booth and learn more about our services and the community that Convo is passionate about.]

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