ZVRS acquires Purple Communications

Today, via Twitter, ZVRS announced that they will be acquiring Purple Communications. .@ZVRS acquires @purplecomm in a move to enhance services for Deaf and hard-of-hearing communities. https://t.co/3t1ugq0e4L #ZVRSandPurple pic.twitter.com/OPHFxgTAlF — … Read More

Should VRS companies stop announcing calls for their clients?

Since the conception of videophones in the Deaf Community, VRS users have always announced calls for their clients. “Announcing” calls is when the VRS interpreters let the person on the … Read More

Exclusive Interview with Maleni Chaitoo

Hailing from New York City, New York. An alumnus of Lexington School for the Deaf ’96 and Gallaudet University ’03. She is a producer, actor, business professional and activist. She … Read More

Vote of No Confidence of NTID’s Administration is causing rift among students and staff

Rochester intense snow storm this past weekend just only intensified a growing problem that has been evolving in the past several weeks at NTID. Tension at RIT/NTID campus is at … Read More

Is Gallaudet partnership with Crisis Text Line a step forward in the fight against mental illness for Deaf People?

Crisis Text Line recently released a press release, “Deaf community gets free crisis hotline of its own” on Gallaudet Website on November 14, 2016. Crisis Text Line is available only … Read More