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  • Top Tips for Traveling by Air with Senior Citizens – RW
    These days, people expect to continue enjoying a high quality of life for an extended period of time. A vital aspect of this is travel. If you are planning a flight with an elderly family member or another senior citizen, it is essential that you plan and prepare your trip properly. This way, you will reduce the chances of any complications occurring further down the line. With this firmly in mind, here are a few top tips to make this as smooth as possible.
  • Mozzeria in SF Closes Restaurant
    Due to possible COVID-19 and business related issues, the owners of Mozzeria has decided to close their restaurant today. In a heartfelt post on Facebook, co-owner Melody Stein writes, Truly heartbreaking. We can’t help but reflect on all of our years at 3228 16th Street. We will always cherish our time at the restaurant. Russ … Read more
  • What To Consider Before Taking Out Syracuse Car Loans
    A car can be both a luxury and a necessity. If your job or vocation involves having to go to different areas in Syracuse, it may be better to invest in a vehicle to lighten your workload because you won’t have to suffer through the grueling commute. Fortunately, you have a lot of options to … Read more
  • Why Performance Reviews Are Great For Long Term Growth
    How your employees perform can make or break the success of your business. An employee who focuses on providing high-quality customer service can create a positive image of your business and easily haul in customers in the long run. If you want your employees to always perform at their best and help your business achieve … Read more
  • Smiles – So The World May Hear
  • Why Is Bitcoin Still the Best Coin to Mine? 2 Words: Market Dominance
    If you have heard of cryptocurrency, we are sure you have also heard the term Bitcoin. If you are wondering what is the best coin to mine, you are in the right place! We are going to share why Bitcoin is still the best coin to mine and more about mining itself. Mining Bitcoin When … Read more
  • Here's How to Make Your Company Deaf Friendly and More Inclusive For Everyone
    There are nearly 10,000,000 people who are hard of hearing in the USA, and 10% of those are deaf. This is a large segment of the workforce, yet 1 in 4 deaf people say they’ve left their job due to discrimination. Have you considered how to make your business more deaf friendly? Making a few simple changes … Read more
  • Top 7 Growing Industries (and what you need to get involved)
    We live in an increasingly uncertain economic time. However, that’s not to say that there aren’t some sectors that are performing well. Some industries are thriving and look set to continue doing so for the immediate future. From small startups to large eCommerce brands that span the globe, setting up a business has never been … Read more
  • Starkey Hearing Foundation National Strategic Plans for Ear and Hearing Care
    Over the recent months, Starkey Hearing Foundation celebrated the launch of five National Strategic Plans for Ear and Hearing Care
  • Starkey Hearing Institute – Lusaka, Zambia
    To help address the dire shortage of hearing healthcare professionals in the developing world, Starkey Hearing Foundation launched Starkey Hearing
  • How to Get Car Insurance if You Are Deaf
    It sometimes surprises people with good hearing that deaf people are allowed to drive in the US. When states were first considering their driving laws back in the 1920s, there were several that denied deaf people the right to a driver’s license. These laws were overturned with the help of the National Association for the … Read more
  • Kigali, Rwanda-Ministry of Health Government Partnership
    Starkey Hearing Foundation has partnered with the Ministry of Health in Rwanda to increase access to ear and hearing healthcare
  • Starkey Hearing Foundation Supports Healthy Athletes at Special Olympic World Games Abu Dhabi 2019
    Starkey Hearing Foundation teamed up with Healthy Athletes to support the Healthy Hearing program at the 2019 Special Olympic
  • Elton John and David Furnish Armenia
    Elton John and David Furnish joined us in #Armenia in May to give the gift of hearing to more than
  • Key Steps On Generating More Business
    Today’s business environment is constantly changing and business owners managers must adapt to keep generating new business. Nowhere is this truer than in small business. If you’re a small business owner struggling to grow your business in today’s dynamic business environment, be sure to check out this article from Capstone. This piece will help you … Read more
  • 3 Ways to Increase Your Business’s Visibility
    You dream of having your business stand out from its competition, right? If so, first and foremost, you need to ensure that your company is as visible as it can possibly be. Rest assured, reaching this goal is achievable no matter what stage or state your business is currently in. It is only achievable, however, … Read more
  • How To Advance Your Career
    Career advancement is something that is important to a lot of people; it’s what keeps them motivated and interested in what they are doing. Although for some staying in the same position for many years is not a problem (it might even be enjoyable and exactly what they are happy to do), for others this … Read more
  • How to Expand Your Business Internationally
    Being a local business can bring in great clientele, but some businesses strive to become an international success. Much like Amazon and Apple, which are known worldwide, businesses wish to become a house name. However, how can this be done correctly and safely? If you do not plan, then there is a risk of your … Read more
  • Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers Join Starkey Hearing Foundation in Zambia
    Last April, we were thrilled to have NFL superstar Aaron Rodgers and racecar driving legend Danica Patrick join us for
  • Hearing Care at Kakuma
    “The least we can do, is do what we can, when we can. And we know how to fix hearing,
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