Linguabee’s marketplace connects consumers with qualified interpreters, provides feedback and language accessibility, communication, and services for all.

It was a beautiful evening in Fremont, California in 2011 when Chad Taylor and Patrick Boudreault were sitting in a coffee shop talking about how painful it was working with American Sign Language interpreters through agencies. They said to each other, “Could we get some control back and choose our own interpreters?!”

Traditional interpreting agencies send interpreters with little or no regard for the end-users preferences, and focus mostly on making sure assignments are filled. Feedback from customers is ignored, and the same poor service is provided day in and day out. Jobs are lost, lives are impacted, and Deaf people suffer.

They said, “We can do better. Why don’t we connect Deaf people directly to the interpreters, cutting out the middleman?”

Linguabee was born that day: an online and mobile marketplace where consumers and freelance interpreters could connect on their own terms. The word Linguabee is a combination of lingua, the latin word for language and bee, to represent a bustling community. Linguabee is a people-first, Deaf-owned company. We believe what’s best for the community is also what’s best for the company. The team is Deaf, from engineers to customer care.

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