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  • Hollywood’s Impact on Deaf Culture: How Movies and TV Shows are Breaking Barriers
    American Sign Language (ASL) is a visual language that is used by the deaf and hard-of-hearing community in the United States and around the world. While ASL has been recognized as a true language, it is still not as widely understood and accepted as spoken languages. However, over the years, movies and TV shows that […]
  • Rooting for Troy Kotsur! Good luck!
     Deaf News all over the World Oscars 2022: Could Apple’s Coda Win Best Picture? | RNZ News Oscar Ceremony YouTube Channel Will Feature Free ASL Interpretation – The Blast Oscar Nominations For ‘CODA’ Are ‘An Incredible Elevation’ For Deaf Community, Says … Mesa’s Troy Kotsur’s Road To Oscars History | Kingman Daily Miner Frank Rossi […]
  • Exclusive Interview with James Cameron-Morris
    Serious Questions: Why did you become a vlogger? Being a vlogger wasn’t what I intended to do. To start with I just did a piece about mental health problems and that was it. People started to subscribe to me and showing interest in my video and what I was going to do next. What does […]
  • Chicago Launches Deaf Theatre and Arts Company CHICAGO D(ART) with David Rush’s POLICE DEAF NEAR FAR
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Brenda Scott Wlazlo Marketing Director brendaswlazlo@gmail.com 904.703.5940 Chicago Launches Deaf Theatre and Arts Company CHICAGO D(ART) with David Rush’s POLICE DEAF NEAR FAR CHICAGO, January 10, 2017 Chicago D(ART), or Deaf ART, is proud to announce the launch of its inaugural season with David Rush’s Police Deaf Near Far. Loosely based […]
  • Top Most Viewed ASL Music Deaf YouTube Videos for 2015
    2015 will be ending soon, however, it should be noted that 2015 will be forever known as the year #deaftalent via Twitter and Facebook made a statement about how amazing talent from people who are deaf can really make a difference. We already posted about the Top Most Viewed Deaf YouTube Videos for 2015, so […]
  • Top Most Viewed Deaf YouTube Videos for 2015
    Here are the top most viewed Deaf YouTube Videos for 2015. From 1.9 millions views for watching a baby blink for the first time when he first heard sound after being hooked up with cochlear implants to a deaf dude that has mad fingers skills and showing them off at a dinner party which got […]
  • Marlee Matlin will be leaving Spring Awakening for prior commitments.
    According to Broadway.com, Marlee Matlin will be leaving Broadway to pursue her ongoing television career, her last day will be on January 10th, 2016. While her experience with Spring Awakening was her first ever on Broadway, she has played an important part in getting Spring Awakening huge exposure on Broadway. Her sidekick, Camryn Manheim will […]
  • How far will Deaf West’s Spring Awakening go?
    The appearance of Spring Awakening on the Late Night Show with Seth Meyers is a pure and profound statement in how far we’ve come along with #deaftalent as well as showing the world that the struggle for actors and actresses can be successful on Broadway. On or off. The attention that Spring Awakening is getting […]
  • DICE/DCARA Photo Gallery with Nyle DiMarco
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  • Desperate, Wild, and Crazy Hands at DCARA fundraiser with Nyle DiMarco!
    As we mentioned on Friday night during the Pre-event of DICE/Nyle DiMarco fundraising event, excitement at the Pick 6 bar was high in anticipation of Nyle DiMarco arrival. With over 190 people who signed up online and over 110 people who walked through the door, DCARA President Steve Longo stated, “This is the first time in […]
  • Watch the White House ADA Celebration Live on TSG!
    Live session is now over; but whatever you miss you can still see the whole thing! An event at the White House celebrating the 25th anniversary year of the Americans with Disabilities Act, welcoming in arts professionals, students, and the disability community to discuss Americans with disabilities in the arts. (Visited 12 times, 1 visits […]
  • New technologies that will further enhance deaf love towards music.
    Technology always has an interesting twist when it comes with helping people with disabilities. From developing hearing aids to cochlear implants to video phones to using FaceTime and Glide, it’s always found a way to help make people lives better. Communication is at an all-time high. We are communicating with others more faster, more efficient than […]
  • Lead Singer for Walk The Moon signs “Different Colors” on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
    Jimmy Kimmel hosted Walk The Moon and they sang their big hit, “Different Colors” and their lead singer, Nicholas Petricca, uses American Sign Language during the live concert! Pretty awesome! Check out the videos below! Here’s the whole concert:     (Visited 31 times, 1 visits today)
  • Lead Singer of Walk The Moon signs “Different Colors” on Twitter!
    Have you checked out @DPANvideos for #DifferentColors? It features an all deaf cast + crew! https://t.co/pLOKV4HL4B pic.twitter.com/EEcTzHI0Hx — WALK THE MOON (@WALKTHEMOONband) November 18, 2015   (Visited 62 times, 1 visits today)
  • Five Ways to Communicate with a Deaf Person by Deaf Actress Amanda McDonough
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  • ASL Poetry: Alone
    To every Moritz in the world: You are not alone. ASL Poem by: Daniel N. Durant Title: “Alone” English adaption and captions provided by: Kimberly Jennery   (Visited 462 times, 1 visits today)
  • About NN Duos & Fashion Background
    Natasha Ofili is a first generation African American designer who grew up with strong influences from her mother, an immigrant from Sierra Leone, West Africa. Natasha faced her own personal challenges when at the age of 18 months, she lost her hearing. However her challenges only served as a positive driving force, and with her […]
  • NN Duos Raid Ryan Lane’s Closet. Check out their official vlog!
    As we were developing our blog we had several ideas about how we should handle our video component – our vlog. We wanted to make it interesting and entertaining, we want people to know that fashion is fun. The blog is already about us providing our audience with current fashion trends as well as establishing […]
  • 58 Secs of News with SuperDeafy now delayed due to Deaf Standard Time!
    We reported on October 20th, 2015, that John Maucere announced on his Facebook fan page that he will be starting a new segment called 58 Sec News with SuperDeafy. According to his picture/status page, this will be mostly parody news focusing on current events. Well, we just found out that it has been delayed to meet….Deaf […]
  • Exclusive: Interview with Lisa Holte
    Lisa Holte’s photography specialty combines Celebrity and Fashion imagery. Both concentrate on “people”  putting the use of traditional and advanced concepts. Her artistic vision focuses on images that have an impact, how clothing presents drama, glamour, and character. Through her aesthetic and technical skills she is able to capture the spontaneous and unfolding events from […]
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