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  • 5 Signs of Dental Problems
    It’s important to practice good oral hygiene to avoid developing mild to severe dental problems. Cleaning your teeth twice a day, flossing, and the use of mouthwash are all considered to be the basics of maintaining good oral health. It is also recommended that you visit a dentist twice a year for them to inspect […]
  • Home Working during COVID-19: Feeling Disconnected in the Deaf Community
    The coronavirus pandemic has left many people feeling powerless as they are forced to work remotely from home rather than going to an office or another type of workplace. While the reason is to protect the health and safety of workers, this move to remote working has unfortunately left many members of the deaf community […]
  • New England Homes for the Deaf has at least 30 cases of COVID-19
    According to an official Massachusetts Department of Public Health COVID-19 Dashboard document that was posted on their website, it has been found that the New England Homes for the Deaf has reported at least 30 cases of COVID-19 residents and staff. They have only 81 beds. According to their website: New England Homes for the […]
  • Navigating an Inaccessible Healthcare System
    Being a Deaf individual during the coronavirus pandemic has been scary. Not only has access to critical information, including press conferences at the federal, state and local levels, been limited, my wife and I worry about communication access at the hospital when our twins are born and during postpartum care. As of right now, we […]
  • Deaf People Need Access to Information During Emergencies, Too
    Monday, March 23, 2020 By Sheila Xu The following post is part of our series on perspectives from disabled and chronically ill people regarding COVID-19. This post is not intended as medical advice. 70 days. That was when the last time I saw my Italian husband, on the day he departed for Italy from Las Vegas, […]
  • Dealing with a Hearing Loss Diagnosis in a Child – What Happens Next
    Whenever a child is diagnosed with a medical condition, it can come as a shock to the entire family. As the majority of children with hearing loss have parents with average hearing function, there can be a lot to learn. While a diagnosis of hearing loss in a child can seem distressing at first, you […]
  • Wellness In The Workplace
    Being healthy and safe in the workplace isn’t just about physical hazards and risks being prevented. It’s about a healthy mind, too. Wellness in the workplace is just as important as physical protection. A wellness plan to protect all employees means that motivation, productivity, and happiness in the workplace is also protected – which is […]
  • How to Improve the Quality of Your Sleep
    Multiple studies have shown that hearing loss is closely linked to sleeping disorder. The reverse is also true; sleep apnea also affects hearing ability and may cause hearing loss if not treated properly. In either case, improving sleep quality is a solution. Improving the quality of your sleep isn’t as difficult as you think. In […]
  • Could Regenerating Cochlear Hair Cells Treat Hearing Loss?
    Have you experienced hearing loss? About 14% or 27.7 million adults between the age of 20 and 69 have hearing loss to some degree. Hearing loss is twice as common in men as women. Many new and emerging treatments are now available to help or even restore hearing. In this article, you will learn about regenerating cochlear hair cells […]
  • How to Spot Drug Addiction in your Teen
    While addiction to drugs can hit individuals of all ages, teenagers are more likely to be influenced. Drug addiction is an outcome of consistent abuse of drugs which often results in more severe damages to a person’s health and social life. Parents are often more affected by the collateral damage caused by drug addiction of […]
  • Clearing Out Your Cough: The Top Tips for Treating Bronchitis
    Bronchitis is a pretty common illness and chances are, most people suffer from it at one point in their lives. If you have it, you know that it can be such a pain, especially when you have chronic bronchitis. The persistent cough, yellow phlegm, heavy congestion, and sometimes even wheezing can take a hard toll […]
  • 5 Great Reasons to See a Chiropractor
    In 1895, Harvey Lillard became the first chiropractic patient. The man who made the adjustment, D.D. Palmer, went on to found modern chiropractic practices. He believed, that adjusting the spine was the cure for all diseases of the human race. We know that isn’t entirely true. Diet and exercise play a major role in a […]
  • How to Choose the Best Drug Rehab Center for You or a Loved One
    According to the American Addiction Centers, over 20.7 million people sought substance use treatment in 2017. This large number shows the importance of the best drug rehab facilities in the country. Falling to drug or alcohol addiction is not something that anyone would wish for. However, many fall victims of drug and substances within the course of […]
  • 10 Reasons Why You Should Donate Your Bone Marrow
    Around 3,000 people die each year because they can’t find a bone marrow donor match. Many of them are children and from minority groups.  This tragic figure has inspired many people to become a donor to save someone’s life.  Have you been considering becoming a donor for some time? Or, have you never thought about the prospect […]
  • When a Party Becomes a Problem: 5 Signs You Have a Drinking Problem
    Recent studies note that one in eight adults in the United States is an alcoholic. Alcoholism is a destructive, dangerous disease that can impact every aspect of your life. But since almost everyone drinks to some degree, how can you know when you have a genuine drinking problem? Here are five signs that it may […]
  • Smile More: 5 Cleaning Techniques To Keep Your Pearly Whites Crystal Clean
    It’s a good bet that you’d smile more if you loved the way your teeth look.  Thankfully, there are numerous ways you can make your smile look more wonderful and prolific than you ever could have imagined. The road to the perfect smile is paved with quality decisions about your oral health.  Consider these hygiene […]
  • How to Deal with Deaf Patients as a Nurse Practitioner
    Communication is key in the world of nursing, but sometimes speaking to patients isn’t enough. Nurses around the world have to adapt and overcome obstacles on a daily basis, facing several challenges to ensure their patients are cared for the right way. One challenge for nurse practitioners is when it comes to caring for deaf […]
  • The Benefits of Hearing Dogs
    Deafness often leaves many deaf and hard of hearing people feeling frustrated and isolated. Your inability to hear can be a difficult thing to come into terms with.   But, all hope is not lost. As challenging as being deaf may be, having your own hearing dog can help turn things around for you. They […]
  • 8 simple ways you can easily improve life
    The changing of the seasons from summer to fall can be one of the more depressing times of the year. Gone are the long days and glorious sunshine and in their place arrive early nights, the cold and the wet. That makes fall and early winter the time for many of us when we are […]
  • 4 Simple Changes For Your Lifestyle
    In the modern world, people are constantly looking at how they can make positive changes to their lives. This often includes following radical fitness fads or trying to implement a diet that it almost impossible to stick to. However, the best changes to any lifestyle often come in the shape of small but effective ones. […]
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