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  • Accessibility at the Super Bowl: Does NAD leadership need change?
    It seems that every year accessibility at the Super Bowl just somehow gets worse and worse. Every year, every ASL instructor in all levels of education and millions of deaf fans from all over the United States and in the world, become excited for the Super Bowl because they want their family, friends and students … Read more
  • Jordan Bell of Warriors finger-spells “Video” at NBA Championships and the internet going wild.
    Jordan Bell of the Golden State Warriors finger-spells “video” during their celebration and the Deaf Community is impressed that he used ASL to communicate to someone that “video” is needed. To whom? To where? We don’t really know and don’t really care. All we know is that he took ASL at University of Oregon and … Read more
  • NBA App now offers closed captioning for NBA Highlights
    NBA finally updated their NBA app to make sure that all highlights videos offered closed captioning. However, not all videos will have closed captioning available. Most of the videos have the CC logo embedded in the video, but the video itself might or might not have the actual captions of what the person is saying … Read more
  • Should Super Bowl LI National Anthem be shown in split screen between Luke Bryan and Kriston Lee Pumphrey?
    Last week, we learned that Kriston Lee Pumphrey and Country Superstar singer Luke Bryan were selected by NFL and Pepsi-Co to sing/sign at Super Bowl LI for the National Anthem. The Silent Grapevine decided to take a poll and we found out that 63% of our voters voted that Luke Bryan and Kriston Lee Pumphrey … Read more
  • Matt Hamill locked up a contract with Venator Fighting Championship in Milan, Italy.
    We have been informed that Matt Hamill will get a fight coming up soon. On Twitter he officially announced that he got a contract and he said that he scheduled to fight on May 21st, 2016 in Milan,  Italy. It's official! I got the contract. I'm scheduled to fight on May 21st in Manila, Italy. … Read more
  • Zip on Upcoming NAD/Pepsi ASL Performer for Super Bowl 50
    Will there be an ASL performer for Super Bowl 50? Most likely, yes. However, nothing has been announced since we first learned that Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers would be going head to head in NFL 50th Super Bowl. Normally, NAD and Pepsi would make an announcement fifteen days prior to the Superbowl. Last year, … Read more
  • Will Matt Hamill get another fight?
    Matt Hamill is struggling in finding another fighter that is willing to fight him. In his latest Twitter/Facebook post, he wrote, “Still no luck to fight. @BellatorMMA won’t answer. @KSW_MMA won’t answer. One Fc no opponent. M1 won’t answer. Are they afraid of me?”. Still no luck to fight. @BellatorMMA won't answer. @KSW_MMA won't answer. … Read more
  • Willow signing “National Anthem” at the 2016 National Championship with Ciara
  • Update on Michael Hubbs: Broke Four Personal Records at CanAm International Speedskating Championship
  • “UpTown Funk” Awesome Rendition in ASL by Brian Guendling
    Written by Thomsen Young and you can follow him @ Brian Gundling is a football player that plays for Texas State, yet he pull off an amazing rendition of “UpTown Funk” in ASL. In this performance, he calls it the “First Sign Language Concert Ever” and with the help of what appears to be the … Read more
  • Breaking News: Russian deaf footballer Yana Budyukina dies in Brazil
    Written by Thomsen Young and you can follow him @ In a heartbreaking story, the Deaf International Football Association reported that Yana Budyukina died in Brazil after being hit by a car on June 30th, 2015. There is very little information being given out due to privacy to the family, however, they announced that they … Read more
  • Zeke, a young deaf kid, featured on NBC Nightly News
    Written by Thomsen Young and you can follow him @ NBC Nightly News had a brief story about a 8 year old Zeke Ortiz who is the only deaf player on the Playmakers basketball team, NBC Jenna Wolfe reported the story. He already knows he wants to be a pro basketball player. His dad is … Read more
  • Deaf All-State Catcher drafted to the Atlanta Braves
    Written by Thomsen Young and you can follow him @ In an surprising round, the Atlanta Braves selected Chase Smartt from Charles Henderson High School. Smartt, who is deaf, was selected in the 35th round of the Major League Baseball’s First-Year Player Draft on Wednesday. Smartt helped Charles Henderson win state championships in 2013 and … Read more
  • Summer is out, but always think about safety first.
    Written by Thomsen Young and you can follow him @ For quite some people summer vacation doesn’t get any better than going for a nice swim in the ocean, lake or river. However, for quite some people, not everyone has a great grasp of what it means to think about safety when you get in … Read more
  • Ryan Kraus, Hottest Deaf Bodybuilder on the Internet?
    Written by Thomsen Young and you can follow him @ TSG recent came across this video and we wanted to ask you, our audience, do you think Ryan Kraus is the hottest deaf bodybuilder on the Internet? Ryan Kraus is 24 years old, 5’11 and weighs 175 pounds. On his Youtube page information, he writes … Read more
  • Treshelle Edmond ASL Performance will be available online
    NAD announced via their website that Treshelle Edmond ASL Performance at Super Bowl XLIX will be available online. Last year, this service was not available and the Deaf Community was extremely upset that little of Amber Zion performance was seen on National Television. However, this year, NAD took the initiative to partner with NBC to … Read more
  • Driver Cited for Striking Advocate Deaf & Blind Biker
    Harald Vik is wearing red and is seen with his interpreter.  AP reported today that a South Dakota driver has been cited for striking a Norwegian man who is deaf and blind. Harald Vik was riding between South Dakota to Nebraska with his interpreter, Robert Skarsbakk on Aug 22. 70 year old Melvin Coelho was … Read more
  • David Martin, of, signs national anthem at Orioles-Yankees game
    TSG would like to congrats David Martin, of, for his recognition of signing the national anthem at the Orioles-Yankees baseball game on Wednesday, August 13th, 2014. Martin, is a well-known die-hard fan of the Orioles and was selected by Danny Rinas to perform. Since Danny Rinas had purchase 100 tickets when the New York … Read more
  • Commonwealth Games Come Under Fire From Deaf Groups
    Commonwealth Games Come Under Fire From Deaf Groups written by: alzo93 The Commonwealth Games kicked off this week in Glasgow, Scotland and is already facing criticism from deaf rights groups in places like New Zealand. There are about 9,000 deaf people in New Zealand and The National Foundation for the Deaf and Deaf Aotearoa New Zealand, … Read more
  • Deaf Golf Championships tee off at Grand Traverse Resort This Weekend
    Learn more about Daryn Taylor and his quest World Deaf Golf Championships!  In a one of a kind golf event, the World Deaf Golf Championships tees off this weekend at the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa in Northern Michigan. This weekend marks the tenth edition of the bi-annual event and gives over 100 of the … Read more
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